Actos Bladder Cancer Ranked Among Common Actos Side Effects

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The sale of Actos was suspended in June 2011 by medical regulators because it was linked to bladder cancer. After a study that was commission by medicines agency, it was discovered that patients suffering from diabetes and using the drug for a period of more than one year are at a great risk of suffering from bladder cancer. The FDA also carried out research that backed up this information and claimed that when Actos delivered a 10 year study, nothing about the possible side effects of bladder cancer was mentioned. It is because of this omission that patients suffering from bladder cancer are advised to file Actos lawsuit.

In the same year, June 2011 another study that looked at Adverse Event reports indicated that from 2004 to 2009, patients using the medication suffered from disproportionate risks of bladder cancer. Patients who are diabetic type 2 and using the medication are therefore advised to go for medical checkups and file Actos bladder cancer lawsuits once it is established that they are suffering from the disease. Bladder cancer is not only an aggressive disease but also, potentially aggressive and it is for this reason that patients are strongly advised to seek help.

Currently there are hundreds of Actos bladder cancer lawsuit that have been filed against the manufacturing company Takeda and you or your loved one can also seek compensation. With the help of a lawyer, it is easy to build a strong case and get compensated. Most of these lawsuits argue that while Takeda was fully aware of the potential side effects of Actos, namely bladder cancer, they introduced it to the market without warning. As such, patients suffering from bladder cancer as a result of Actos took the medication without knowing it had such adverse side effects. Actos bladder cancer is a real problem and this is clearly witnesses by the large number of lawsuits the company is currently facing.


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Actos Bladder Cancer Ranked Among Common Actos Side Effects

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Actos Bladder Cancer Ranked Among Common Actos Side Effects

This article was published on 2012/05/16