Bladder Infection Home Remedies - How To Prevent Reoccurring Bladder Infection

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Bladder infections typically are not overly dangerous however they are still uncomfortable and disruptive to your everyday life. Fortunately there are a number of easy measures you can use every day to prevent reoccurring bladder infections from happening to you. First it is vital that you understand the reasons behind bladder infections and the symptoms which accompany bladder infections. Then, we could talk about the daily tasks which can help prevent bacteria growth in the urinary tract.

What Causes A Bladder Infection?

Sometimes you will hear someone describe a bladder infection as urinary tract infection. The urinary tract is made up a few parts, starting at the kidneys and running to the bladder and next to the urethra where urine exits the organism. So the terms bladder infection and urinary tract infection are often used interchangeably. Bacteria multiplying in the urinary tract cause all urinary tract infections, including bladder infections. The bacteria are generally present in the vicinity of the vaginal region and then get pushed into the urethra. It might be caused by wiping from back to front after going the toilet, friction throughout intercourse, or friction of too tight clothing.

Bladder Infection Home Remedies

The greatest method of avoiding a bladder infection is to wipe yourself the correct way after going to the bathroom. Since E. coli causes vast majority of urinary tract infections, it is critical to keep in mind to wipe from front to back every time you go to the bathroom that allows you to prevent the transfer of bacteria from the rectal area to the vaginal area. It is also essential to keep the vaginal region as clean and dry as possible.

Drinking plenty of water, at least half a dozen glasses a day, would also prove beneficial in keeping urination regular and emptying the bladder often. That constant movement of urine would stop germs from having the chance to grow within the bladder. Cranberries are another treatment for bladder infections. The cranberries make the urine extremely acidic which creates a very bad environment for the growth of germs. The best way to use cranberries is by consuming 100% cranberry juice or by taking concentrated cranberry pills.

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear can also encourage bacteria growth in the vaginal area thus increasing the possibility for bladder infections. Stay away from wearing pants or jeans that are too tight to stop the growth and possible insertion of bacteria into the urethra.

Bladder infections do not have to disrupt your life. By following the bladder infection home remedies, you could significantly reduce your chances of ever getting another bladder infection again.
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Bladder Infection Home Remedies - How To Prevent Reoccurring Bladder Infection

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This article was published on 2011/01/31