Treating Crystals in Dog Bladder

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It not very likely that rather than watching your favorite television program, you think to yourself, how exciting it would be to learn more about my dogs bladder. It is also not very likely that instead of meeting your friend for the normal Friday night rendezvous, you all agreed to learn more about dog bladders. So, you have come to right place, to explore the somewhat obscure topic of "Treating Crystals in Dog Bladder".
The bladder is the unsung hero in the fight against out of control urination. It proudly sits about half way between the kidneys and the urethra pretty much in the back center of the hind quarter of you dog. It sole job is to store the urine as it drains from the kidneys until it is called to void.
As a dog owner once crystals are starting to be noticed in the urine big problems are brewing, and for this reason treating crystals in your dog's bladder is a very important step. The crystals themselves are likely comprised of minerals compounds which include magnesium and calcium. The tiny crystals are not generally an immediate threat but if allowed to bond together they are capable are forming large stones which will impede and possibly block urinary flow. Once the tiny crystals have spiraled out of control you may be looking at a very expensive surgical procedure to remove them.
Let's look at a few simple steps that should prove helpful in avoiding a serious situation.
* Plenty of water - The big threat occurs when these tiny crystal are allowed to bond with one another. So by keeping the water flowing you will be constantly flushing these tiny crystals out of the bladder.
* Diet modification - The two most common types of bladder stones are composed of magnesium and/or calcium. This means those tiny crystals you are seeing have the same composition. Look for foods that are low in these minerals. Your vet probably has particular type of pet food he/she endorses for helping eliminate bladder crystal or stones.
* Filtered water - Well water sometimes contains the very minerals we are trying to reduce so take this into consideration.
* Bathroom breaks - By giving your dog a few extra opportunities to void you will not only help flush those pesky bladder crystals out of the urinary tract but will encourage additional water consumption.
* Call on Dr. Dog - If you have raised water consumption, increased voiding, and modified your dog's diet and these stubborn bladder crystals still are a part of you and your pets life a veterinarian visit is in order. There is a chance that your dog's condition could be propagated by genetics, medication, urine pH levels, infection, or even a digestive issue which will require the help of a professional.
Additionally, many dog owners are employing the help of homeopathic natural remedies for bladder health and eliminating crystals. These formulas have been shown to be very effective, especially when combined with the steps above. Homeopathic urinary tract supplements are also considered to be a natural tonic helpful for maintaining overall urinary and bladder health. If you are looking for a natural way to eliminate those potentially problematic bladder crystals this is an option worth considering.

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Treating Crystals in Dog Bladder

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This article was published on 2010/03/31