What is a Bladder Infection?

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A bladder infection or cystitis is an infection of the bladder. In cystitis, the wall on the inside of the tube ignited. It's a real woman ailment.

Bladder infections are not grave if treated right away. But they tend to come back in some people. Rarely, this can lead to kidney infections, which are more solemn and may result in permanent kidney damage. So it's very significant to treat the underlying causes of a bladder infection and to take preventive steps to keep them from coming back.

Women are at greater risk than men. One woman in five develops a UTI during her lifetime. Not everyone with a UTI has symptoms. Common symptoms include a frequent urge to urinate and a painful, burning when urinating. Underlying conditions that impair the normal urinary flow can lead to more complicated UTIs.


Cystitis is caused by bacteria from the intestine into the urethra chain. From there they climb on to the bladder. Usually, the bacteria from the family, Escherichia coli or E. coli, which are common in the intestines.

Usually, these bacteria washed away when you go pee. But if given the chance themselves to the bladder wall to attach, they get the chance to multiply. This creates a bladder infection. Too cold and drafts can a bladder infection in the hand work.
People who can not empty their bladder urine (eg, men with an enlarged prostate) are a risk group.


• frequent urination
• Pain in abdomen
• Constantly feel that you have to urinate even when your bladder is not full.
• Pain when urinating
• Bad smelling urine
• Turbid urine
• Blood in the urine


Drink (two liters per day), go to the toilet regularly and keep your pee is not too long. Wipe with toilet paper from front to back, so you reduce the risk of bacteria entering the urethra. Women can also best after sex to pee.

To the doctor?

Men and children with symptoms of a bladder infection taking them whenever possible contact the doctor. Women do not immediately see a doctor unless the symptoms as very disturbing or lengthy (more than one week). Pregnant women and women with fever or pain in their side, go to the doctor quite well.


Normally a bladder infection heals itself within three weeks, but the doctor can also treat a urinary tract infection with antibiotics. A distinction is made between complicated and uncomplicated urinary tract infections urinary tract infections.

Uncomplicated urinary tract infection occurs in a woman with childbearing age and usually disappears after three days. This bladder infection is usually treated with antibiotics, all others do.

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What is a Bladder Infection?

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This article was published on 2011/01/10